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Mentoring should be…

  • helpful for personal growth
  • focussed on long-term growth
  • based on mutual trust and respect

When does mentoring happen?

Mentoring is very individual, so there is no fixed cycle you need to follow. It is helpful, however, to have a regular cadence to check in with your mentor. Once a month is a good starting point.

Mentoring sessions are…

  • not performance updates or reviews
  • a safe space between a mentor and someone looking to grow
  • a playground to work through challenges and bounce concerns and worries off someone who might have been through similar struggles in the past and can now offer some sound advice for you

How to pick a mentor

  • you pick your mentor
  • the relationship is driven by the mentee and usually long-term
  • pick someone you respect and trust
  • pick someone who has “been there” and “done that” where you think you might want to go in your career and life in general

What are my responsibilities as a mentor?

  • your main interest is helping your mentee grow personally and professionally
  • listen, then listen some more
  • offer suggestions and knowledge, both general and specific
  • ask challenging questions
  • if you agree to be a mentor, be prepared for the time investment
  • can become the mentee’s confidante and adviser